ReLyt Tutoring is Going Tech-Savvy

27 08 2011

You hear a lot about technological integration in the world of education. With the ever-increasing demand for new and better technology, schools across the United States are falling in line and utilizing all of the available resources.

In the school where I work, flatscreen computers and LCD projectors have been used regularly for years to enhance learning. However, this year, the administration upped the ante on technology and provided each teacher with a brand new iPad2 for classroom and personal use.

Inspired by the highly cool new toy, I went searching for apps and realized the potential that this tool could have in a tutoring setting. From multiplication drills to virtual atlases, any number of educational applications are available to tech-savvy tutors. How’s that for technological integration?

Starting this fall, ReLyt tutoring will make a push to utilize technology to enhance our services, with the hope that we will further inspire our students. Join us, and find out how this is yet another way in which we strive to light a passion for learning!


Beans and Baby Socks

13 03 2011

I’ve always been a better teacher than a cook. So the pinto beans which I had such great aspirations for…well, let’s just say that they never made it out of the pantry.

Months later, I had an idea to give these lonely, forsaken beans some much-needed time in the sun. I was in search of an activity that would motivate a reluctant leader, and decided to create a syllable counting beanbag toss game. Out of what, you may ask? Some baby socks my son never got around to wearing and the beans that never saw the bottom of my soup pot.

Baby Sock Bean Bags!

The result: a set of mini bean bags that fit easily into my tutoring bag, which will likely be used for teaching everything from phonemic awareness to multiplication facts.

As I sat there stitching the soon-to-be beanbags, I had to laugh at how not only is necessity the mother of invention, but also at how my old junk had been the inspiration for educational creativity.

Anybody can make a beanbag out of an old sock, but who besides a tutor would sit around her house on a Sunday night, wondering about how to turn a bag of 6-month old beans into educational gold?

Just goes to show that we here at ReLyt Tutoring have education on our minds, and will use a variety of new and innovative ways to educate our students!

Check back here for more creative ideas,and if you like what you see, give us a call to ask about how these tutors can inspire your kids to learn!

Professional Tutors, Affordable Rates?

1 03 2011

Do you wish that you could hire a tutor for your child but think that you can’t afford it? You’re not alone. Families all over the country see the need for their child to receive some extra help, but finances hold them back. Thankfully, tutoring does not have to break the bank – and here is why.

Why People Think Tutoring is Expensive
When it comes to tutoring, most people think of the “big name” tutoring agencies. You know who they are – the ones that advertise on TV and service hundreds – even thousands – of students. These tutoring agencies charge exorbitant amounts of money, and quite frankly they have created an unnecessary precedent for expensive tutoring.

Cutting out the Middle Man
The difference between ReLyt Tutoring and a tutoring agency is that we do not contract with tutors – we are the tutors. Most tutoring agencies act as a middle man, pairing tutors with students who need assistance. And while this has worked effectively for many companies, the tutors only receive a cut of what they charge. Families easily pay twice what the tutor is actually paid. The rest goes back to the company.

ReLyt Tutoring is a family-owned, family-run tutoring service. We have no middle man, so we charge a baseline price that simply covers the tutor’s salary and supplies – that’s it. No hefty fees – just a professional tutor for an affordable rate.

Professional Tutors
ReLyt Tutors are passionate professionals. We have taught in the classroom, around the world, and in a wide variety of tutoring scenarios. We know what it takes to help our students find success, and we care about each one individually. If you want to hire a professional tutor for an affordable rate, you have come to the right place – ReLyt Tutoring.

Learning Styles Demystified

9 01 2011

In the academic world, you hear a lot about learning styles. But how do they really work? And how do they play into your child’s education?

What are Learning Styles?
Coined in the 1970s, the concept of learning styles has been described by a number of notable educators. Perhaps the most well-known model used to explain this idea is the VAK model, which describes 3 distinct learning styles:

1. Visual
2. Auditory
3. Kinesthetic

Visual learners have difficulty digesting a concept unless it is presented in some form of pictorial arrangement (i.e. a picture, diagram, or chart). This is not merely a preference, but for many students, a legitimate need. Without adequate visual representation, visual learners struggle to concretely grasp the concept.

Auditory Learners take in the world of learning through their ears. What is spoken in the classroom sticks in their minds and can typically be easily recalled. This type of student will often study out loud, repeating concepts to themselves in a whisper or a sing-song voice.

Kinesthetic Learners desperately need to move, to touch, and to experience learning. They need to walk as they study multiplication or to spell out vocabulary words with letter manipulatives. Touching and moving is not an excuse for this student, it is his means of experiencing what he is trying to learn.

Sometimes, an R is added to the model (VARK) to indicate a distinction for students who learn best by Reading/Writing. This type of learner will likely have the easiest time in a traditional classroom, as he absorbs information through the books that he reads and the notes that he takes.

What Kind of a Learner Am I?
If you were to explain a concept to someone, how would you do it? Would you draw a picture? Read them a portion of a book? Act out a scenario? One of the easiest ways to tell what kind of a learner you are is to evaluate how you best communicate information. Typically, the way that you explain something will indicate how you best learn.

What Do Learning Styles Have to do with Tutoring?
While every responsible teacher does their utmost to meet the needs of their students, the reality is that given the constraints of the classroom, it can be difficult to teach to all of the learning styles at any given time. A professional tutor knows how to evaluate a student’s learning style and provide instruction that speaks to the way in which the student learns best – consistently. This is what ReLyt Tutoring seeks to do. By providing personalized instruction, we are able to meet the needs of each student to spur them on to educational success and a love for learning!

Beat the Second Semester Slump (Before it Starts!)

26 11 2010

Whether it’s the holidays in sight or just theĀ  upcoming break from school, students tend to startĀ  getting a little…antsy…around this time of year. The novelty of the beginning of the school year is long gone, and motivation is certainly not running high. Unfortunately, this is the time of the school year that teachers are often trying to sprint to accomplish volumes of material before the holidays.

For the student in a quandary between a lack of motivation and a desire to succeed, enthusiasm for learning is the need of the hour. Now is the perfect time to get some help from an enthusiastic, professional tutor who can take those boring subjects and make them come alive. Often, all a child needs is a taste of educational enjoyment to keep the ball rolling, and a passionate, professional tutor is just the person to provide it!

Let’s face it – a strong start to the second semester is going to hinge on how the first semester ends. A half-hearted finish will leave the student in the lurch, unprepared for the coming push to the end of the year. Now is the time to act. Beat the second semester slump – before it starts – and see how far a little enthusiasm can go. Passion for learning is the trademark of ReLyt Tutoring, and we know how to help you find it.

New Ad Campaign

18 11 2010

ReLyt Tutoring has just finished our first ad campaign!

Here’s a sneak preview for all of our blog followers!

Schoolwork throwing you against a wall?

Schoolwork throwing you against a wall?

Why Tutoring?

16 11 2010

When considering different educational options, parents sometimes ask the question, “why tutoring?” They wonder if it will really be effective and if it will truly help their child succeed. The investment of time and money make them pause and (wisely) consider the decision. So why tutoring?

In a nutshell, this is why professional tutoring works: individualized education. When you hire a ReLyt tutor, we will evaluate your child’s educational strengths and weaknesses and cater the tutoring to meet his needs by utilizing his established abilities. This allows the child to speedily find success as he builds a repertoire of positive learning experiences.

Unlike traditional classroom learning, tutoring also provides an opportunity for more activity-centered learning. Kinesthetic educational activities will provide your child with the opportunity to not only utilize his visual and auditory senses but also to activate his tactile abilities. The more senses that can be involved in learning, the more enjoyable it becomes, and the higher the likelihood of long-term remembrance.

By tailoring instruction to meet the specific educational needs of the student we are able to create an enthusiasm for learning that encourages both educational success and a love for learning.

Still not sure if we can help? Contact us for more information today!