ReLyt Tutoring is Going Tech-Savvy

27 08 2011

You hear a lot about technological integration in the world of education. With the ever-increasing demand for new and better technology, schools across the United States are falling in line and utilizing all of the available resources.

In the school where I work, flatscreen computers and LCD projectors have been used regularly for years to enhance learning. However, this year, the administration upped the ante on technology and provided each teacher with a brand new iPad2 for classroom and personal use.

Inspired by the highly cool new toy, I went searching for apps and realized the potential that this tool could have in a tutoring setting. From multiplication drills to virtual atlases, any number of educational applications are available to tech-savvy tutors. How’s that for technological integration?

Starting this fall, ReLyt tutoring will make a push to utilize technology to enhance our services, with the hope that we will further inspire our students. Join us, and find out how this is yet another way in which we strive to light a passion for learning!