It’s Not Over Yet!

26 04 2012

Around this time of year it is easy for students to fall into the trap of getting lackadaisical. The school year is nearing its end, and things have been going ok. Why not catch a few Zs during grammar class?

While not uncommon, this end of the year slump is dangerous. Not only does it affect students’ final averages, it also puts them in a position to miss critical core instruction.

As teachers see the end of the year coming, they don’t slow down. They speed up! Those last few chapters in the text book remind dedicated educators that the end is near, and now is the time to get it done.

Students who choose to check out during the final weeks of school thus put themselves in a dangerous spot. That class material is important, and they are going to miss it if they don’t wake up.

Parents, now is the time to act! We need to motivate our children to keep pressing on. Let’s help them to see the value of quality work. Let’s discourage laziness, and let’s encourage our little ones to finish this school year well!





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