Time to Book Fall Tutoring!

20 07 2011

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost August – and even harder to believe that school will start in just a few weeks. Our schedule here at ReLyt Tutoring is filling up fast, and now is the time to book your tutoring sessions for the fall!

Remedial Tutoring
Did your child struggle with math in 3rd grade? Did Science throw your middle schooler for a loop? Remedial tutoring can help students who are struggling in a particular subject to get back on track so that they can make progress in the upcoming grade.

Maintenance Tutoring
For students who need accountability and assistance with daily tasks like homework and time management, maintenance tutoring is ideal. We help these students understand their academic expectations so that they can eventually develop into independent learners.

Enrichment Tutoring
Academically on-grade-level students are often ready to accelerate their learning. Enrichment tutoring provides students with appropriately leveled challenges that will give them a leg-up in their education.

Denver In-Home Tutoring
Regardless of their tutoring needs, for busy families, finding the time for tutoring may seem like a challenge. Here at ReLyt Tutoring we make our services as convenient as possible by providing in-home tutoring for students of all ages. Families all over the Denver area now have the opportunity to take advantage of professional, individualized tutoring right in their living room!

Give us a call today to find out how ReLyt Tutoring can serve your family!




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