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21 03 2011

My Amazing Trip to Universal Disneyland

By Kieran Perman

I went to Universal Disneyland in Los Angeles 4 months ago for vacation. It was a special treat, and I will never forget it.

First I went on the Tower of Terror. This overwhelming ride is based on the Twilight Zone. I’m so lucky I just reached the height limit. It was extremely scary because it went up slowly and down quickly. It was my first ride at Universal.

The second ride I went on was the Evil Ferris Wheel. The rocking cars were incredibly scary because they rocked, of course. At first I ignored the evil Mickey sign that said: “TURN BACK!” but I wish I’d paid attention. At the end I was relieved to get off the ride.

Then I went on California Screamin’. It was my first loop-d-loop roller coaster ever, and it was exceedingly fast. Even teenagers went on it because it went 100mps! I was really, really scared at first, but after the ride I wanted to go on it again. It was a super fun ride.

Universal Disneyland is a breathtaking place, so you should go there. If you drive to this remarkable theme park you will have an exhilarating time. I think it’s the best place ever! 😀




2 responses

22 03 2011

Wow Kieran. You really did a good job describing your experience at Disneyland. What a fun day it was! We should go back again. 😉

22 03 2011
brenda perman

Pops and I want to know if there is a virtual Universal Disneyland, so we can be thrilled with the rides, without actually having to ride on them!

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