Beans and Baby Socks

13 03 2011

I’ve always been a better teacher than a cook. So the pinto beans which I had such great aspirations for…well, let’s just say that they never made it out of the pantry.

Months later, I had an idea to give these lonely, forsaken beans some much-needed time in the sun. I was in search of an activity that would motivate a reluctant leader, and decided to create a syllable counting beanbag toss game. Out of what, you may ask? Some baby socks my son never got around to wearing and the beans that never saw the bottom of my soup pot.

Baby Sock Bean Bags!

The result: a set of mini bean bags that fit easily into my tutoring bag, which will likely be used for teaching everything from phonemic awareness to multiplication facts.

As I sat there stitching the soon-to-be beanbags, I had to laugh at how not only is necessity the mother of invention, but also at how my old junk had been the inspiration for educational creativity.

Anybody can make a beanbag out of an old sock, but who besides a tutor would sit around her house on a Sunday night, wondering about how to turn a bag of 6-month old beans into educational gold?

Just goes to show that we here at ReLyt Tutoring have education on our minds, and will use a variety of new and innovative ways to educate our students!

Check back here for more creative ideas,and if you like what you see, give us a call to ask about how these tutors can inspire your kids to learn!




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