Professional Tutors, Affordable Rates?

1 03 2011

Do you wish that you could hire a tutor for your child but think that you can’t afford it? You’re not alone. Families all over the country see the need for their child to receive some extra help, but finances hold them back. Thankfully, tutoring does not have to break the bank – and here is why.

Why People Think Tutoring is Expensive
When it comes to tutoring, most people think of the “big name” tutoring agencies. You know who they are – the ones that advertise on TV and service hundreds – even thousands – of students. These tutoring agencies charge exorbitant amounts of money, and quite frankly they have created an unnecessary precedent for expensive tutoring.

Cutting out the Middle Man
The difference between ReLyt Tutoring and a tutoring agency is that we do not contract with tutors – we are the tutors. Most tutoring agencies act as a middle man, pairing tutors with students who need assistance. And while this has worked effectively for many companies, the tutors only receive a cut of what they charge. Families easily pay twice what the tutor is actually paid. The rest goes back to the company.

ReLyt Tutoring is a family-owned, family-run tutoring service. We have no middle man, so we charge a baseline price that simply covers the tutor’s salary and supplies – that’s it. No hefty fees – just a professional tutor for an affordable rate.

Professional Tutors
ReLyt Tutors are passionate professionals. We have taught in the classroom, around the world, and in a wide variety of tutoring scenarios. We know what it takes to help our students find success, and we care about each one individually. If you want to hire a professional tutor for an affordable rate, you have come to the right place – ReLyt Tutoring.




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