Education: A Group Effort?

24 01 2011

As a parent, tutor, student, and classroom teacher, I have had the unique opportunity to experience all aspects of the educational journey. And while each of these responsibilities is individually important, it has become clear to me that the education of a child is not – cannot be – the responsibility of any one individual. It is essential that a child, his parent, his teacher, and his tutor all work together to accomplish this all-important task.

The Role of the Parent
As a parent, I understand the importance of my own interaction with my child. It is my responsibility – and my joy – to read to my child, to encourage him educationally, and to foster an atmosphere conducive to learning in my home. For the parent of a school-age child, it is also important to regularly communicate with the educators in his life. Through consistent communication with teachers and tutors the parent is able to keep up with her child’s educational needs and to strive for common academic goals.

The Role of the Teacher
Having been a teacher, I can appreciate the unique challenges presented in the classroom. The 15, 20, maybe 25 students, who are all looking at you with expectant eyes, together represent an exhausting variety of needs. Though she will try, the teacher cannot be expected to meet them all. Thorough, accurate presentation of information is the key responsibility of a teacher. She must use the best educational strategies and techniques available to fill the minds of her students with the knowledge that they need for life.

The Role of the Tutor
For a variety of reasons, there is sometimes a disconnect between the information presented in the classroom and the complete understanding of the student. It is thus the responsibility of the tutor to bridge the gap, presenting educational concepts in innovative ways that speak to the unique needs of the child. The tutor must be flexible, organized, and communicative with all involved persons (i.e. parent, teacher) to provide the most effective remedial assistance.

The Role of the Student
Perhaps the least talked-about responsibility is that of the student. Just as the teacher must teach, and the parent must communicate, the student is responsible for putting his head in the game and taking ownership of his education. Even at a young age, he must recognize his need for active participation in his education, if success is to be attained. He must come prepared, alert, and ready to learn.

When the student, the teacher, the parent, and the tutor each individually strive to fulfill their responsibilities, you have the ideal recipe for educational success in the life of a student.




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