Why Tutoring?

16 11 2010

When considering different educational options, parents sometimes ask the question, “why tutoring?” They wonder if it will really be effective and if it will truly help their child succeed. The investment of time and money make them pause and (wisely) consider the decision. So why tutoring?

In a nutshell, this is why professional tutoring works: individualized education. When you hire a ReLyt tutor, we will evaluate your child’s educational strengths and weaknesses and cater the tutoring to meet his needs by utilizing his established abilities. This allows the child to speedily find success as he builds a repertoire of positive learning experiences.

Unlike traditional classroom learning, tutoring also provides an opportunity for more activity-centered learning. Kinesthetic educational activities will provide your child with the opportunity to not only utilize his visual and auditory senses but also to activate his tactile abilities. The more senses that can be involved in learning, the more enjoyable it becomes, and the higher the likelihood of long-term remembrance.

By tailoring instruction to meet the specific educational needs of the student we are able to create an enthusiasm for learning that encourages both educational success and a love for learning.

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