It’s Not Over Yet!

26 04 2012

Around this time of year it is easy for students to fall into the trap of getting lackadaisical. The school year is nearing its end, and things have been going ok. Why not catch a few Zs during grammar class?

While not uncommon, this end of the year slump is dangerous. Not only does it affect students’ final averages, it also puts them in a position to miss critical core instruction.

As teachers see the end of the year coming, they don’t slow down. They speed up! Those last few chapters in the text book remind dedicated educators that the end is near, and now is the time to get it done.

Students who choose to check out during the final weeks of school thus put themselves in a dangerous spot. That class material is important, and they are going to miss it if they don’t wake up.

Parents, now is the time to act! We need to motivate our children to keep pressing on. Let’s help them to see the value of quality work. Let’s discourage laziness, and let’s encourage our little ones to finish this school year well!



We’re Back!

5 04 2012

For those of you who have been wondering about the recent lack of posts, this has been a busy school year! For the first time in ReLyt history we were literally completely booked! Thankfully, once the summer begins we will have lots more availability.

So here’s the good news: you’re in perfect time to book summer tutoring. 🙂

Summertime is often referred to by teachers as the “summer slump,” because many students not only take a physical break, but also a mental one. Certainly, children need a break from school, but a complete break from learning often results in academic back-sliding.

Summer is the perfect time for your child to get ahead of the pack. Schedule your sessions now, and plan on a summer of success!

ReLyt Tutoring is Going Tech-Savvy

27 08 2011

You hear a lot about technological integration in the world of education. With the ever-increasing demand for new and better technology, schools across the United States are falling in line and utilizing all of the available resources.

In the school where I work, flatscreen computers and LCD projectors have been used regularly for years to enhance learning. However, this year, the administration upped the ante on technology and provided each teacher with a brand new iPad2 for classroom and personal use.

Inspired by the highly cool new toy, I went searching for apps and realized the potential that this tool could have in a tutoring setting. From multiplication drills to virtual atlases, any number of educational applications are available to tech-savvy tutors. How’s that for technological integration?

Starting this fall, ReLyt tutoring will make a push to utilize technology to enhance our services, with the hope that we will further inspire our students. Join us, and find out how this is yet another way in which we strive to light a passion for learning!

Time to Book Fall Tutoring!

20 07 2011

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost August – and even harder to believe that school will start in just a few weeks. Our schedule here at ReLyt Tutoring is filling up fast, and now is the time to book your tutoring sessions for the fall!

Remedial Tutoring
Did your child struggle with math in 3rd grade? Did Science throw your middle schooler for a loop? Remedial tutoring can help students who are struggling in a particular subject to get back on track so that they can make progress in the upcoming grade.

Maintenance Tutoring
For students who need accountability and assistance with daily tasks like homework and time management, maintenance tutoring is ideal. We help these students understand their academic expectations so that they can eventually develop into independent learners.

Enrichment Tutoring
Academically on-grade-level students are often ready to accelerate their learning. Enrichment tutoring provides students with appropriately leveled challenges that will give them a leg-up in their education.

Denver In-Home Tutoring
Regardless of their tutoring needs, for busy families, finding the time for tutoring may seem like a challenge. Here at ReLyt Tutoring we make our services as convenient as possible by providing in-home tutoring for students of all ages. Families all over the Denver area now have the opportunity to take advantage of professional, individualized tutoring right in their living room!

Give us a call today to find out how ReLyt Tutoring can serve your family!

A Stellar Poem from an ESL Student

28 04 2011

For an ESL student, writing is the most difficult skill to master. This poem, written by a third grader, is quality work. The rhyming sounds fantastic, and the title is a perfect example of alliteration. Great job, Kun Ha! Keep doing your best!

Stinky Skunks

Skunks are stinky – yes or no?
They are helpful. I have known
that skunks eat grubs and insects, too.
They are dangerous because they spray you.
Remember they are fast and shy.
When they spray you’ll die, so say bye-bye!

Incentives – Finding a Balance

11 04 2011

Everyone likes incentives. Whether its freebies at a concert or sales at the grocery stores, we love it when people give us stuff. When it comes to training our children, however, parents and educators often scratch their heads over how to find a balance between internal and external motivation.

First Place Trophies
Of course, we want to reward true excellence. Take, for example, the classic science fair. A single winner takes first place because he created the very best science project. For standing out among his peers, he receives a first place trophy. His success is put on display for the entire school to see, and he deserves the recognition.

Motivated – to Win the Prize
While the kid who won the science fair certainly dreamed about the day when he would take home his first place trophy, the true joy of winning was knowing that he quite frankly did the best job. That memory – and the experience garnered from it – is far more valuable than the prize itself.

What many teachers are finding these days, however, is a widespread disinterest among students in simply doing their best. Studying for tests or reading books at home have no intrinsic value in the minds of many students – unless they receive some sort of reward for completing the task. This kind of indifference is extremely destructive to the student’s development of internal motivation.

Combating Indifference
While teachers certainly understand the value of rewarding success, many educators have begun to see the danger of over-rewarding their students. Instead of motivating students to do their work by offering prizes for the minutest task, some teachers are beginning to cut back in their rewards, instructing students in the value of the knowledge garnered.

The true danger in consistently using external motivation is that students may learn to take no satisfaction simply in their success. Imagine how disastrous this could be when taken into the adult world. While we all appreciate a bonus or a pat on the back, our work cannot simply be motivated by the world’s approval. We must take satisfaction in a job well done.

Starting at Home
Training of children invariably starts at home. If we want our children to value hard work and to find the motivation to succeed within themselves, we need to teach them how to do it. Sure, give them that ice cream sundae when they make straight As. But guard against the ice cream being his motivation.

We need to explain to our children the reasons for education – how it benefits them now and in the future. Teachers must do the same. If we work together to teach young people the value of internal motivation we do them a far greater service for their future.

Look What a Third Grader can Do!

21 03 2011

My Amazing Trip to Universal Disneyland

By Kieran Perman

I went to Universal Disneyland in Los Angeles 4 months ago for vacation. It was a special treat, and I will never forget it.

First I went on the Tower of Terror. This overwhelming ride is based on the Twilight Zone. I’m so lucky I just reached the height limit. It was extremely scary because it went up slowly and down quickly. It was my first ride at Universal.

The second ride I went on was the Evil Ferris Wheel. The rocking cars were incredibly scary because they rocked, of course. At first I ignored the evil Mickey sign that said: “TURN BACK!” but I wish I’d paid attention. At the end I was relieved to get off the ride.

Then I went on California Screamin’. It was my first loop-d-loop roller coaster ever, and it was exceedingly fast. Even teenagers went on it because it went 100mps! I was really, really scared at first, but after the ride I wanted to go on it again. It was a super fun ride.

Universal Disneyland is a breathtaking place, so you should go there. If you drive to this remarkable theme park you will have an exhilarating time. I think it’s the best place ever! 😀